Promotion of Democracy

Democracy is not a matter of course. Democracy must be achieved, filled with life and renewed. All over the world, people are campaigning for democracy, for political, economic and cultural rights, for a democratically organized community. Supporting democracy and democratic engagement worldwide is one of the core concerns of the international work of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The triad of human rights, democracy and sustainability is at the center of our work. Together with our partners, we try to expand the scope for social participation and political emancipation, and to support civil society participation.

Main Topics

Dossier: Squeezed – Spaces for Civil Society


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Governments and business are ruthlessly asserting their interests in an unprecedented global run on resources. Meanwhile citizens' basic rights are denied and civil society's scope for action massively curtailed. These are no longer isolated incidents in authoritarian countries, we are witnessing a broad and systematic suppression of local participation and protest.

Prevention and peacebuilding in the context of shrinking space

Civil society acitivists and organisations are under a lot of pressure in many countries. But whether civil society can develop its potential for peace and development and shape its political participation is closely linked to the framework conditions for civil society action. The FriEnt briefing "Prevention and Peacebuilding in Times of Shrinking Space" explains the growing challenges for peace promoters in times of shrinking space.